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    A recital by Dutch pianist Arielle Vernède is often experienced by the audience as a narrative with a clearly implied message. She unravels the musical form, the place and the period in which a piece of music is embedded. In the planning of her programs she searches for a well thought out combination of well known and, often unjustly, lesser known repertoire.

    When playing the piano her virtuosity and an extremely colorful palette are the building blocks for playing the piano in a way that captivates the listener throughout the performance.

    Arielle Vernède belongs to the top of the Dutch pianists.

    A peep behind the curtain:

    Studied with, amongst others, Geoffrey Madge at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Netherlands.
    Studied with Claude Helffer in Paris.
    Winner of the "Zilveren Vriendenkrans"an annually awarded prize by the Concertgerbouw Amsterdam
    Prizewinner of, amongst others, the Concours Robert Casadesus in Cleveland, USA.
    Concerts in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Simeon ten Holt: Canto Ostinato

    This interpretation of Canto focuses on a very feminine "Ostinato": understated but bold, sensitive and playful, almost confidential but very intense and also with tenderness. Sometimes it feels like you're listening with the pianist to an emerging Canto in yourself; as if you are at the origin of creating the music. Arielle Vernède knows, like in nature, how to intertwine the numerous aspects of color, light and movements in her play. So every moment of her Canto Ostinato becomes a creation that grabs your full attention until the last note. Colette Noël, wife of Simeon ten Holt Bergen, Netherlands

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    Arielle Vernède recorded 5 solo cd's. Please select the cd you want to listen to.

  • Arielle Vernède - Canto Ostinato | Simeon ten Holt

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    Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012)
    Canto Ostinato – Solo Performance

    1. Sections 1 – 73
    2. Sections 74 – 94
    3. Sections 95 –106


  • Arielle Vernède - Goyescas | Enrique Granados

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    Enrique Granados ( 1867-1916 )
    Reflets dans l'eau Goyescas / Los majos enamorados

    1. Los Requiebros
    2. Coloquio en la Reja
    3. El Fandango de Candil
    4. Quejas o la Maja y el Ruiseñor
    5. El Amor y la Muerte
    6. Epilogo (Serenata del Espectro)

    7. El Pelele

    Also available on iTunes
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    Publications, interviews and reviews
    <Click here>to see the publication of "Den Haag Centraal", friday 4th of March 2011 (Dutch)
    <Click here> to see the publication of "Piano wereld", 2011, (Dutch)
    <Click here> to see the publication of "Trouw", 13th of December 2011 (Dutch)

    "Arielle Vernède's technical mastery is such that she can express these delectable pieces with much lyricism and refinement. Her performance is delicate, clear and utterly musical. With these interpretations she transports the listener directly to a sultry Andalucia"

  • Arielle Vernède - Images | Claude Debussy

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    "Great empathy for Debussy's world."

    "The Images were executed with great musicality and sensitivity."

    Claude Debussy ( 1862-1918 )
    Reflets dans l'eau Pianoworks

    spacer1. Masques ( 1904 )
    spacer2. L’ile joyeuse ( 1904 )
    spacer3. Arabesque no. 1 ( 1888 )
    spacer4. Arabesque no. 2 ( 1888 )

    Images oubliées( 1894 )

    spacer5. Lent ( mélancolique et doux )
    spacer6. Souvenir du Louvre
    spacer7. Quelques aspects de
          “Nous n’irons plus aubois” parce
         qu’il fait un temps insupportable.

    Images – livre I ( 1905 )

    spacer8. Reflets dans l’eau
    spacer9. Hommage à Rameau
    10. Mouvement

    Images – livre II (1907 – 1908 )

    11. Cloches à travers les feuilles
    12. Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut
    13. Poissons d’or

    14. Rêverie ( 1890 )
    15. Clair de lune ( 1890 )

  • Arielle Vernède - Piano Works | Karol Szymanowski

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    Karol Szymanowski ( 1882-1937 )

    Four Etudes op.4

    Etude III

    Sheherazade op.34

    Two Mazurka's op.62

    no.1 Allegreto grazioso

    Etudes op.33

    Variations on a Polish folktheme op.10


    "Arielle Vernède makes the pieces fascinating and indicates a wide range of character within a distinctive creative personality"
    Gramophone Magazine

    "Those seeking adventure will find themselves gasping for more"

  • Arielle Vernède - Robert Schumann

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    "In "des Abends" the sounds lose themselves like stray stars in the black velvet of heaven".

    Robert Schumann ( 1810-1856 )
    Fantasiestucke op.12

    1. Des Abends
    2. Aufschwung
    3. Warum?
    4. Grillen
    5. In der Nacht
    6. Fabel
    7. Traumes Wirren
    8. Ende vom Lied

    Kreisleriana op.16

    1. Äusserst bewegt
    2. Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch
    3. Sehr aufgeregt
    4. Sehr langsam
    5. Sehr lebhaft
    6. Sehr langsam
    7. Sehr rasch
    8. Schnell und spielend

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